Message of Gratitude from Fr. LeoFrLeo

I want to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt prayerful GRATITUDE to all of you, my Sacred Heart

Parish Family. What a wonderful blessing to be in this great Parish of Sacred Heart Church for two years that I truly thank God for. Special thanks to my co- parish priests, Fr. Bill Easterling, our beloved pastor, Fr. James Kelly, Fr. Brian Cavanagh who are very nice to work with, so amazingly supportive and understanding, together with the Comboni Fathers. Also, humble gratitude to the Sacred Heart School Family (teachers, staff, administrations, employees, wonderful parents and the smart, amazing, intelligent students), whose amazing knowledge and wisdom is greatly appreciated, very supportive to us priests, you’re one of a kind school worth learning for. To the different ministries whose voluntary pastoral ministries are worth imitating for, who are very supportive to the pastoral care of the church, my humble gratitude. And very special thanks to the whole Sacred Heart Parishioners whose untiring support and prayers are greatly appreciated, for being part of my priestly vocation and for always praying for me, also for understanding and being patient of my “hard-English and Spanish” masses and homilies… THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!

Two years flew in a blink of an eye. It seems like yesterday when I introduced myself as a new Associate Pastor and now that “new” is over, hard to accept but it’s a reality. After my assignment here, with the strong support of the Vicar for Clergy Office, I’m going back home for few months for two reasons.

First, to spend some quality time with my parents. One of the great things I aspired of that I never did since I entered the seminary at the age of sixteen is to serve my parents in their old age, one of the noblest things I wanted to do. I probably visited thousands of parents in different facilities and home cares since I came here in the U.S., and every time almost everyday, I’m always reminded of my parents back home who needed my support. Spending quality time with them is my very simple way of honoring them as commanded by God.

Second, I had small projects in the Philippines where I helped support my home parish rebuild some small
chapels in remote areas especially in the mountains, that I’ve been doing years back. It’s my humble way of extending my ministry to those in need. Sometimes I said Masses to these villages after few hours walk, soaking wet because the chapel has not enough roof for the people. I regularly distributed Vitamins for the seniors and school supplies to the poor kids every time I visit them. Visiting charitable institutions and feeding the poor are also a part of my ministry back home. There are still so much good things to be done back home that I asked the blessing of the Archbishop for these reasons.

Again, from the bottom of my heart, my PRAYERFUL GRATITUDE TO ALL! God bless the Sacred Heart Parish! Just to let you know, you are all covered with my special lifetime insurance warranty… My PRAYERS, rest assured! God loves, God cares, God bless! Mabuhay!

Fr. Leo